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Flash Animations and Illustrations
The following simple illustrations and interactive flash animations were developed as visual aids to describing complicated biochemical processes and tissue architecture.
When indicated, the animations may be imported into PowerPoint presentations.
These are free to use for not-for-profit organizations. If used in a presentation, please give a short citation:
(Christensen, A.K., Anna Maria College)
Freshwater- and Seawater-type Chloride Cell
Model of ion transport in gill chloride cells in seawater and freshwater, toggle within the animation by clicking the SW or FW buttons found in the upper corners of the image.

Click [HERE] to run in full screen.
Grey - Chloride cell
Purple - Accessory cell

SW - Seawater-type chloride cell
CFTR - Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator
NKA - Na+,K+-ATPase [alpha1b subunit]
NKCC - Na+-K+-2Cl-Cotransporter
Kir - inward rectifier K+ channel

FW - Freshwater-type chloride cell
AE - Anion Exchanger
V-HA - V-type H+-ATPase
ENaC - Epithelial Na+ Channel
NHE - Na+,H+ Exchanger
NCC - Na+-2Cl-Cotransporter
NKA - Na+,K+-ATPase [alpha1a subunit]

Download animated PowerPoint slide*:[ CCell.ppt] (150 KB)
Download Flash file:[ CCell - Flash]

* Insert slide into presentation, run animation by toggeling buttons, return to presention by clicking on periphery of slide.
PC only, ActiveX is not presently supported with Mac MS Office.
Cellular Architecture of the Vertebrate Retina
Retinal cells, click on the cell type within the diagram to identify it.
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