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Associate Professor of Biology
Anna Maria College
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Christensen AK, Regish A, McCormick SD. Shifts in the relationship between mRNA and protein abundance of gill ion-transporters during smolt development and seawater acclimation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology.
2018 221: 63-73.
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Christensen AK, Owusu N, Jean-Louis D. Carapace epithelia are rich in large filamentous actin bundles in Daphnia magna, Daphnia pulex and Sida crystallina (Crustacea: Cladocera). Invertebrate Biology.
2018 137: 49-59.
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McCormick SD, Regish A, Christensen AK, Bjornsson TB. Differential regulation of sodium-potassium pump isoforms during smolt development and seawater exposure of Atlantic salmon. Journal of Experimental Biology.
2013 216: 1142-1151.
Christensen AK, Hiroi J, Schultz ET, McCormick SD. Branchial ionocyte organization and ion transport protein expression in juvenile alewives acclimated to freshwater or seawater. Journal of Experimental Biology.
2012 215: 642-652.
McCormick SD, Regish A, Christensen AK. Distinct freshwater and seawater isoforms of Na+/K+-ATPase in gill chloride cells of Atlantic salmon. Journal of Experimental Biology.
2009 212: 3994-4001.
Christensen AK and Jensen AM. Tissue-specific requirements for specific domains within Moe/Epb4.1l5 during early zebrafish development. BMC Developmental Biology.
2008 8:3

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Hsu YC, Willoughby JJ, Christensen AK, Jensen AM. Mosaic Eyes is a novel component of the Crumbs complex and negatively regulates photoreceptor apical size. Development.
2006 133(24):4849-59.
Newmyer SL, Christensen A, Sever S. Auxilin-dynamin interactions link the uncoating ATPase chaperone machinery with vesicle formation. Developmental Cell.
2003 4(6):929-40.
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